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Happy 87th Birthday to President George Herbert Walker Bush

Barack Obama praised George H W Bush as a 'diplomatic hand' who made possible what many had thought was impossible - ending the Cold War without firing a shot.

Former President/Vice-President/CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife/ First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush

One of the official photographs of President George Herbert Walker Bush during his presidency, 1989-1993.

Happy 87th Birthday Mr President, I truly remember your presidency, I was remember watching being the commander in chief during Gulf War I in 1991.

George Herbert Walker Bush (born June 12, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 41st President of the United States (1989–93). He had previously served as the 43rd Vice President (1981–89), a congressman, an ambassador, and Director of Central Intelligence.

Bush was born in Milton, Massachusetts, to Senator Prescott Bush and Dorothy Walker Bush. Following the attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941, at the age of 18, Bush postponed going to college and became the youngest aviator in the US Navy at the time. He served until the end of the war, then attended Yale University. Graduating in 1948, he moved his family to West Texas and entered the oil business, becoming a millionaire by the age of 40.

He became involved in politics soon after founding his own oil company, serving as a member of the House of Representatives, among other positions. He ran unsuccessfully for president of the United States in 1980, but was chosen by party nominee Ronald Reagan to be the vice presidential nominee, and the two were subsequently elected. During his tenure, Bush headed administration task forces on deregulation and fighting drug abuse.

In 1988, Bush launched a successful campaign to succeed Reagan as president, defeating Democratic opponent Michael Dukakis. Foreign policy drove the Bush presidency; military operations were conducted in Panama and the Persian Gulf at a time of world change; the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Soviet Union dissolved two years later. Domestically, Bush reneged on a 1988 campaign promise and after a struggle with Congress, signed an increase in taxes that Congress had passed. In the wake of economic concerns, he lost the 1992 presidential election to Democrat Bill Clinton.

Bush is the father of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, and Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida. He is the last president to have been a World War II veteran. Until the election of his son George W. Bush to the presidency in 2000, Bush was commonly referred to simply as "George Bush"; since that time, the forms "George H. W. Bush", "Bush 41", "Bush the Elder", and "George Bush, Sr." have come into common use as a way to distinguish the father from the son.

Recent activities

The former president continues to make many public appearances. He and Mrs. Bush attended the state funeral of Ronald Reagan in June 2004, and of Gerald Ford in January 2007. One month later, he was awarded the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award in Beverly Hills, California by former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Despite his political differences with Bill Clinton, it has been acknowledged that the two former presidents have become friends. He and Clinton appeared together in television ads in 2005, encouraging aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

In October 2006, Bush was honored by the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), receiving the NIAF One America Award for his work to better the lives of all Americans.

On February 18, 2008, Bush formally endorsed Senator John McCain for the presidency of the United States. The endorsement offered a boost to McCain's campaign, as the Arizona Senator had been facing criticism among many conservatives.

On January 10, 2009, Bush and his son were both present at the commissioning of the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77), the tenth and last Nimitz class supercarrier of the United States Navy. Bush paid a visit to the carrier again on May 26, 2009.

Barack Obama honours George H W Bush
US President Barack Obama honoured German Chancellor Angela Merkel and America's "gentleman" 41st president George H W Bush with America's highest civilian honour on Tuesday
Mrs Merkel was not in Washington for the annual Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony but Mr Obama said she would be making an official visit "soon" and he would present it then.

Mr Obama also honoured a list of political and cultural figures, including cello virtuoso Yo-Yo Ma, poet Maya Angelou and billionaire financier and philanthropist Warren Buffett.

Civil rights pioneer congressman John Lewis, baseball great Stan Musial and Jean Kennedy Smith, the sister of assassinated president John F. Kennedy and a disabilities campaigner, were also among honorees.

Mr Obama praised Mr Bush, father of his predecessor as president, George W. Bush, as a "diplomatic hand" who made possible what many had thought was impossible – ending the Cold War without firing a shot.

"His humility and his decency reflects the very best of the American spirit. Those of you who know him, this is a gentleman, inspiring citizens to become points of light in service to others," Mr Obama said.
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From the WebFORM THE WEB:Bridesmaids Dresses We Don't Hate13 May 2011(StyleList)My eyebrows clearly need help, but I don’t even have an idea about how to begin to groom them. What's the best advice you can give?01 Dec 1969(Style + Tech For Men)What Shape of Earrings Will Flatter My Round Face?24 May 2011([what's this]Mr Obama said that Mrs Merkel "dreamed of freedom" as she grew up in East Germany.

"When the wall finally crumbled and Germany was reunited, she broke barriers of her own, becoming the first East German and the first woman to become chancellor of Germany," Mr Obama said.

"To America, Chancellor Merkel and the country she leads are among our closest allies. To me, she's a trusted global partner and a friend."

Mr Obama joked that Mr Buffett made a loss on his first-ever investment as an 11-year-old boy but hung onto the stock and it recovered to yield a small profit, launching a stellar career.

He also paid tribute to Mr Buffett's career as a humanitarian: "You don't see Warren Buffett wearing fancy suits or driving fancy cars."

"Instead, you see him devoting the vast majority of his wealth to those around the world who are suffering, or sick, or in need of help.

Mr Obama said leading US author, poet and civil rights campaigner Maya Angelou was renowned for "soaring poetry" and "towering prose" that had spoken to the conscience of a nation.

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