Monday, January 3, 2011

2 Years ago the world lost the actor who portrayedCommissioner James Gordon in the first four "Batman" films

Pat Hingle: Sir, I will always remember you as Commissioner James Worthington "Jim" Gordon in the Batman movies, you portrayed it extremely well, thanks for the great memories in those memorable movies,remembering you 2 years later, may you rest in peace!

Pat Hingle, the veteran actor with more than half a century of impressive work in theater, film and television who was perhaps best known to a generation of movie fans as Commissioner James Gordon in the first four "Batman" films, has died. He was 84.

Hingle died Saturday night of myelodysplasia, a type of blood cancer, at his home in Carolina Beach, N.C., according to Lynn Heritage, a cousin who was acting as a spokesperson for the family.

Traditional rolesHingle was traditionally known for playing judges, police officers, and other authority figures. One of his notable roles was the father of the character played by Warren Beatty in Splendor in the Grass (1961). He is probably best known in recent times for playing Commissioner Gordon[2] in the 1989 film Batman, and its three sequels. Hingle had a long list of television and movie credits to his name, going back to 1948. Among them are Hang 'Em High (1968), Sudden Impact (1983), Road To Redemption (2001), When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder? (1979), Brewster's Millions (1985), Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive (1986), The Grifters (1990), Citizen Cohn (1992), The Land Before Time (1988), Wings (1996), and Shaft (2000). Hingle played Dr. Chapman in the TV series Gunsmoke (1971), and Col. Tucker in the movie Gunsmoke: To the Last Man (1992). In 1963, Hingle guest-starred in an episode of The Twilight Zone in an episode called "The Incredible World of Horace Ford" as the title character.

Batman film series: Along with Michael Gough, who played Alfred Pennyworth, he was one of only two actors to appear in the four Batman films from 1989-1997. In Hingle's appearance as Commissioner Gordon in Batman & Robin, he worked with Uma Thurman (who portrayed Poison Ivy), whose first husband, Gary Oldman, succeeded him in the role in Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008). Hingle portraying yet another judge in Shaft also worked with Christian Bale, who would go on to portray Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

DeathHingle died at his home in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, of cancer on January 3, 2009, having been diagnosed with myelodysplasia in November 2006. He was cremated. His ashes were scattered into the Atlantic Ocean.

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